Welcome to Sparkland


We’re glad you’re here! It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Sparkland, a creative venture studio founded on the belief we can build a better world by bringing beautiful stories to life.

While our look and name are brand new, the road that led to Sparkland was years in the making. Sparkland is the confluence of my work with artists and producers in the creative field, as well as entrepreneurs and builders in the marketplace. 

But the true origin of Sparkland goes back to my childhood when, watching The Lion King for the thousandth time, it struck me: Somebody made this. This movie on the screen didn’t appear out of thin air. It was created by someone—really, a hard-working team of people. From that point on, I set out to surround myself with people who make things. 

Over the years, as I collaborated with creators and founders on dozens of projects and ventures, I noticed many more similarities than differences. They all work to harness resources to make something beautiful out of nothing—often while facing a myriad of threats to their original spark of inspiration. It’s a sacred process, and it requires great courage.

Through Sparkland, my goal is to become an even better trusted co-conspirator to those courageous people who are willing to embark on a creative journey. I am thrilled and humbled to be joined by a multifaceted team of women who are no strangers to storytelling and venture-building. Together, we will build pathways for both our own projects and those of the visionary artists and entrepreneurs in our portfolio. 

How do we do that? In short, we do it by protecting the spark that ignites every great idea.

More specifically:  

Sparkland creates. We develop our own ideas for new creative ventures, and build teams to bring our best ideas to life. 

Sparkland invests. We invest in creative and entrepreneurial endeavors led by visionaries who share our values and sensibilities.

Sparkland supports. We maintain relationships with a corps of visionary creatives, lending them production support, strategic counsel, and more.

Our partners are purpose-driven, legacy-minded, and tend to be a bit whimsical. They run the gamut from film directors to real estate developers, but they are united by a strong desire to create something beautiful that makes a lasting positive impact on the world.

Another common thread uniting our partners is that they’re all storytellers. In some cases, they’re crafting narratives for films or exhibitions. In other cases, they’re bringing a story to life in the form of a dynamic brand or a beautiful building.

In the weeks and months to come, we’ll use this space to take you behind the scenes of some of these stories. We’ll be sharing some stories of our own, too. I hope you’ll follow along. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be amazed to see the work that goes into bringing these beautiful stories to life.


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Lauren Sparkman
Founder + Head of Ventures