We’re More Animated Than You Know 

While we’re all about thoughtful planning and careful execution here at Sparkland Studios, today we’re going to talk about our whimsical side. We can’t over-emphasize the importance we put on magical moments that fill us with childlike wonder and delight. After all, our founder, Lauren Sparkman, named the company “Sparkland” for a reason. This playful […] Continue reading… from We’re More Animated Than You Know 

Inspiring Next Level Success

It’s been a long time coming, but Sparkland Fellow Dija Renuka Henry is ready to share her own stories. That’s what she told a panel of branding, marketing, community engagement, and entertainment-industry professionals earlier this month, as our first Sparkland Creative Fellowship ended with an exclamation point: a slate pitch day simulation. The simulation really […] Continue reading… from Inspiring Next Level Success

On Our Bucket List

If you follow the business of creators like we do, you’re probably familiar with the age-old financial dilemma of too many great artists. Sadly, they end up trading their work, identity, or both for the backing to give their visions life. There’s the singer/songwriter who unwittingly loses the rights to his own hit tune. Novelists […] Continue reading… from On Our Bucket List

Writing Sparkland’s Playbook, One Song at a Time

Pop artist BAYEM is having a moment. His EP “Afterglow” topped 1 million plays on Spotify last year, and his single “Pressure” was featured in a pivotal scene in the season finale of The Kardashians.  As co-owners of Absorb., the boutique music label behind BAYEM, the early success makes Owen Thomas and Jared Sparkman proud. […] Continue reading… from Writing Sparkland’s Playbook, One Song at a Time