This is how we think
and work.

Sparkland supports and invests in creative ventures that are:

We have a strong affinity for media and entertainment projects. But we also seek out other story-oriented ventures, particularly in the real estate, fashion, and hospitality sectors.
Our partners, who run the gamut from film directors to real estate developers, are united by a strong desire to create something beautiful that makes a lasting positive impact on the world.
We are drawn to artists and entrepreneurs who have a deep reverence for the forebears of their fields, and we take special pleasure in helping them build sustainable, successful careers.
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In supporting our partners, we strike a balance between these complementary values:

We encourage partners to experiment and explore the outer regions of the creative universe while providing guide rails that help them stay on course for success. When serious obstacles do arise, we provide a map of possible solutions.

We can help kick the creative process into high gear, and our partners value our ability to help them achieve momentum. But we never rush projects. On the contrary, our goal is to give every project the time it needs to reveal the best version of itself.

Thoughtful planning and careful execution are essential components of entrepreneurial and creative success. But it’s important to have fun, too. An appreciation for whimsy enhances creativity, reduces stress, and makes for a more magical journey.

We respect the work of those who came before us, but this doesn’t stop us from seeking out innovative and groundbreaking modes of thought and action. We believe it’s possible—and even important—to be reverent and disruptive.

Our roots are in Indianapolis, where kindness and hospitality reign supreme. But our perspective is global, and our international network gives our partners access to a wide world of potential collaborators and supporters.